When it comes to going shopping for mens underwear they are many factors to consider beforehand like: style, material, color, fit, and price. They are a big range of options in the market to choose: from the traditional mens briefs to the sexy mens thongs. So what is the best mens underwear to wear? The answer is simple: Regarding the style choose the underwear that makes you feel good and comfortable, remember that the outside will always reflect the insight! About underwear for men materials, cotton will always be the classy one, and this is because is the safest choice to go with. Cotton is soft, hypoallergenic and breathable. Bu Nowadays they are other men underwear materials that are super comfortable too, like: mens mesh underwear, mens silk underwear and mens pouch underwear. Mens silk underwear can offer you incredible lightness, and mens mesh underwear is ideal for a workout and sports, because they are very light and have excellent breathability. If we talk about design, boxer briefs are the most popular choice, they offer the simplest silhouette and are ideal to wear with almost any kind of pants. We can say they are the most comfortable mens underwear. In the other hand, mens briefs are the traditional design; they offer excellent support and great fit. Boxers are other good option to go with if you are looking for good coverage and breathability, but because they are loose, boxer shorts normally don’t work well with tight pants. And besides what many people thinks thongs are not just for women! Day by day are more the guys who prefer to wear thongs for men, and that’s because male thongs are super comfortable, convenience, anti- itchiness and will make you look sexy effortlessly! In Rosegal we have a big selection of mens underwear for you to choose according to your needs, tastes, and budget! Don’t wait more and take a look to our big range of underwear for men!

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